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Q&A with Hollis Plample!


Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! Here are the answers.

What cartoonist or artist influenced you? What’s your favorite comic strip?

I grew up reading the comics in the newspaper, and my favourites were always Peanuts, Dilbert, Fox Trot, Bizarro, Rex Morgan (who doesn’t love this punctuation pointed drama?!), Doonesbury, and others. I also really loved the old Garfields, Calvin and Hobbes, and of course Tintin. More recently I’ve been really enjoying the Comix of Art Spiegelman, and Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics changed how I thought about the relationship of visual art, layout, and words. As far as internet comics go, I draw a lot of inspiration from Married to the Sea, Natalie Dee, Toothpaste for Dinner and The Oatmeal.

Where do these comics come from?
A lot of it comes from observations of everyday life. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) how many weird things you’ll hear on the bus. Often I’ll get inspired by just perusing the internet or the daily “news”. When I’m feeling low on inspiration, I go for what people always seem to identify with-which is things that are annoying.

Why do you do it?
I started drawing comics for fun again (after leaving it behind as a childhood thing) a few years ago when I realised that my friends were just as funny in their day-to-day lives as any comic strip, and I could simply draw about them. I like keeping this as an artistic hobby that I don’t have to be a perfectionist about like I am about everything else I do artistically, so the comics are raw and always will be.

Have you every entertained the idea of doing a guest blog?
Not really. I made it a goal to do a daily comic for a year and then see where I was at. If you have suggestions for other cartoonists on WordPress I should be reading, though, then let me know!

All those countless blogs that you follow! Do you ever actually read any posts on any of them?
My strategy, when I first began this blog, was to follow the simple Myspace Band routine: add as many people a day as you can. So…in all honesty, I don’t read them all. The blogs I DO tend to peruse are the food, pet, and particularly pug blogs.

How far ahead do you have your cartoons written? Do you keep a back up pile or do you desperately chew your pen every day? I write when I get inspiration, so some days I’ll write a stack of them and some days I don’t write at all. Generally, though, I have a backlog of about a week or five days to sift through. Nothing compared with the pros, who prepare months in advance!

Do you find most opera singers to be crazy?


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Q&A with Hollis Plample!


Hello to all my readers! Do you ever wonder where all this crap comes from that I post here? Or how I do it, or why? Well, I am going to write a Q & A post and I want YOU to provide the questions for it! So post your questions below and I will answer them as best I can!

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