In between training to be an opera singer, tinkering on sundry instruments, tap dancing in her kitchen, and conversing with her cat, Hollis Plample draws comics. Inspired by a lot of public eavesdropping and pilfering from the quirks of friends and enemies, the comics of Hollis Plample are a mixture of delight and derision. Hollis hopes you enjoy her comics, but if you don’t, it’s entirely up to you. She’ll keep writing them anyway.

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520 thoughts on “About

  1. Fox and Rook says:

    I don’t believe it! There’s another Hollis P? What joy! Thank you so much for following Fox and Rook, I am excited to keep up with you and your drawings. 🙂

  2. AR Neal says:

    Thanks for following One Starving Activist 😉

  3. bretagnebko says:

    Very interesting work. Something I have yet to see. Keep it up, you have some great visual commentary on real world stereotypes.

  4. onegrainrice says:

    Thank you for following Roping Towards a Ph.D. I like how you capture human expression in your comics. Good luck with the other blog too!

  5. Thanks for liking Jupiter the Space Pug!

  6. Thanks for following Little Shop of Goodness!

  7. Mr. Bab says:

    Thanks for the follow. Do you make comics for others? I would like one made.

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  10. Thanks for following Joyfully Standing! (Even though I’m super delayed)! I’m loving your comics, great work!

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