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8 thoughts on “Shocking!

  1. Literally made me snort tea out of my nose.

  2. trashbus says:

    Ahahaha! This is great! Just remember the Timberlake/Jackson incident a couple of years ago …

  3. Or further back, the Madonna controversies….

  4. The girl needs some serious psychiatric counseling. She’s messed up. Some of ’em really go for the shock and awe. I mean, really? Just for publicity? Having a little class – what happened to that?

  5. Well the only more realistic thing would be: “Oh my good, she has cloths on! I’ve never seen a pop star do that before!”

    Love yours!

  6. This made me giggle! I didn’t fund what she did all that shocking. .. I did think she looked silly.

    I would love to have a body to wear clothes like that and the confidence to look like a fool!

    Thou maybe I’m just jealous… I wouldn’t mind dancing with Robin Thicke!

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