Sarcastic Shelley on small talk

Sarcastic Shelley on small talk

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8 thoughts on “Sarcastic Shelley on small talk

  1. I maybe way off the mark but you’re either meeting the wrong ‘men’ or in the company of ‘men’ that have a base knowledge beyond that of the stereotypical barracks… although I understand the feminist approach and, in some ‘male’ way, can identify with the message being presented, I might counter that with the junk comment we may delve deep into the darkest realm of womanhood, the content of the ‘handbag’! A domain where only a ‘woman’ should ever glimpse.

    Mysterious and secret is content of the handbag, we men can only conjecture in hushed tones of the contents, whilst barricaded in the deepest cave of the biggest junk yard in Maledom.

    Just saying 🙂

  2. Rawclyde! says:

    Oh I love that woman who loves to talk about my junk & my farts!

  3. OK. I may have completely misinterpreted what ‘junk’ was here. Do I have a dirty mind/been listening to too many pop songs? I was tittering away to myself at this cartoon, then read the first comment and thought, ‘I might have the wrong end of the stick here, so to speak.’x

  4. This is what I refer to, as “new depths of shallowness.”

  5. I found this to be very humorous and I am looking forward to see more of this small talk bit.

  6. You would love my husband then. These two topics come up quite a bit around him!

  7. niconut says:

    Don’t we all

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