A dog`s life

A dog`s life

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7 thoughts on “A dog`s life

  1. gettyhesse1 says:

    Haha! This is brilliant!
    I have both a cat and a dog, and the cat always acts really superior to the dog. The dog’s terrified of her, which is kind of strange because she could eat the cat in a single gulp.

  2. sadatanuwar says:

    Reblogged this on coming.net and commented:

  3. pondviewgal says:

    You’ve obviously had much experience with cats…and dogs…very funny – thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. J.A. Vas says:

    to variegate a phrase from liquid sky: I prefer cats to dogs anyway 😉

  5. Drinie B says:

    Brilliant and so true.

  6. Lmfao I now feeL bad for my poor dog!

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