Cats and kneading: where are the limits?

Cats and kneading: where are the limits?

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10 thoughts on “Cats and kneading: where are the limits?

  1. Dee Bee says:

    I need to show this to my devil cat. Also, regarding the act of kneading itself, do cats normally have their claws protracted when taking part in this unusual habit? Because I’m pretty sure none of mine have in the past, yet the feline I currently cohabitate with is literally the Freddy Krueger of cats. She’ll come over and knead on my lap, and instead of being flattered or feeling like a nice warm ball of dough, I feel like I’m mutton that’s been taken by the wolves. Horrible. Just horrible.

    • jenniferhelps says:

      Maybe she needs behavior therapy?
      She probably does not know her own strength,
      like many great females… feline OR human.

      • Dee Bee says:

        This is an excellent point, and the same could be said of myself. My hugs have been known to cause internal bleeding. Thanks for the advice 🙂

    • duaimei says:

      Have you checked her feet? One of my cats had deformed paw pads, so her claws never retracted.

  2. jenniferhelps says:

    My cats knead the dough when I am going to bake bread!

    • jenniferhelps says:

      But then I need to throw it away, and make some more myself…
      but at least they had fun, with their little chef hats and aprons…

  3. Smash says:

    I love it when my little Harvey kneads because its so cute and he’s so happy when he’s doing it. Not the face, but anything else is okay.

  4. Very interesting!!!!

  5. I feel what you are saying Dee 😉 . My cats seem to ALWAYS search out the only uncovered portion of my lap or leg or arm as they ‘cuddle’ and reach in with that claw and knead away. I first think I can handle it, it is not that bad, I don’t want to break the moment of bonding, then OUCH, a harder push and a claw penetrates the skin…. The moment is lost 😉

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