Job interview strategies/what we’re all thinking

Job interview strategies/what we're all thinking

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10 thoughts on “Job interview strategies/what we’re all thinking

  1. Khaula Nazir says:

    Hhahha…good one!

  2. […] via Job interview strategies/what we’re all thinking | Hollis Plample. […]

  3. jenniferhelps says:

    It’s true… most jobs suck!
    That’s why I do my own thing!
    Most people can, if they would only try!
    Brilliant comics! Bravo!

  4. KraftedKhaos says:

    … or the ever popular “Why would you like to work for our company?”

    “Because you offer one benefit my sofa doesn’t… a paycheck.”

    Great comic… thank you!

  5. Ankur Mithal says:

    If only someone had given me this line when I was looking for work…I would have found self-employment faster

  6. jannatwrites says:

    Honesty is the best policy…except when it comes to why you applied for the job 🙂 (They have to know it’s for the money, but it’s not PC to say that!)

  7. So terribly true.

  8. Excellent clue!!!!! Save as much money as possible, buy frugally, and retire sooner!!!!!!

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