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8 thoughts on “WHAT? NO!

  1. Whew…lucky for me. 🙂

  2. Malbranque says:

    Its money AND women lol

  3. bernasvibe says:

    I so agree! And the cute comic clip? 2 thumbs UP

  4. *takes notes* Smiling… not… most… important… thi- wait, did I even get that right?
    *disregard notes, acquire currency* 😐

  5. cotyart says:

    What! Not the most important thing? Then how will we ever buy the things that will make us very, very happy? That’s what the advertisements say; “More you buy, the happier you’ll be.” And how can we buy if money isn’t the most important thing? 😉

    • charlypriest says:

      We can steal….agreed what happened today with the comic? Did you take some LSD the other night? I would say, like in Jerry McGuire “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” I´m 30, 27,2% unemployment in Spain and getting worst, broke, no car(it´s in the fucking pawn shop),had to move back to my parents house(pathetic at my age),have to rely on other people(feeling less manly or womanly cause it can happen to women, it´s becoming the norm here),I´d love to get a freaking job at Burgerking(they not only stopped hiring, their letting people go), Money? you tell me if it´s important, only rich bastards can say that, or what I call hypocrite gypsies, “Money is not everything, there is love and helping the poor.” Fuck that, I don´t want no help, I want a job that I earned through hard work and the more I work harder the better the pay. Money wont make you the happy camper but sure as hell will make life much easier. Stay Frosty gents.
      P.S:This is my job, to blog and on the side write and submit the writing, but no income incoming my way, make an add campaign for Burgerking to hire me will you?

  6. It’s amazing how many people DON’T actually know this.

  7. liyacount says:

    Reblogged this on GoStepAway and commented:
    Money!!! Money!! Money! Hehe. JK. You can find happiness everywhere, except your happiness is shopping everytime. 😛

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