And I’m tired so it’s another one of these backwards mysoginist jokes today

And I'm tired so it's another one of these backwards mysoginist jokes today

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7 thoughts on “And I’m tired so it’s another one of these backwards mysoginist jokes today

  1. bgddyjim says:

    That’s how we roll sunshine, just glad it’s appreciated. 😉

  2. Penny L Howe says:

    Yup he’s right, that’s how they roll alright, and roll and roll and … just keeping with the spirit of your post today! lol

  3. lazybill says:

    You sound just like my wife.

  4. I would like to feature some of your stuff on my Wednesdays guest posts 1. coffee day, 2.cherry blossoms, 3. red eye deer, 4. thought process negative, 5. smoke detector(without F-word). If interested send gravatar, brief bio and these items. Each as jpeg.

    I’d be good at it but I don’t do political/social commentary(you lose half your audience) but I think Startem Young is meaningful commentary on the drugification of children. Exercise and sensible diet would correct a lot. 5 things to do on blog was great. I can’t believe bloggers think anyone is interested in their nails, shoes and making jello. The worship my kid blogs or cat blogs make me puke too.

    Hope you will participate.

  5. Casie says:

    Lol…love it!

  6. Cary says:

    Said no woman EVER …

  7. Deep Breaths says:

    The truly, infinitely funny part behind all of this is that, even though we move heaven and earth to make sure we are in front of a television when the game is on, the score will be the same tomorrow as it will be ten years from now. So, why watch the game all together? Just get the score on tomorrow’s news and “bingo” you’ve know found yourself a little bit of extra time in the day to do something else. Sadly, my man…he doesn’t agree with moi on that point. 😉 …love your cartoons!

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