And now for another episode of Sarcastic Shelley

And now for another episode of Sarcastic Shelley

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14 thoughts on “And now for another episode of Sarcastic Shelley

  1. Flo me la says:

    “Sexy bitch” is another classic. So charming.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    I waited for babe until I was engaged to my wife… Sexy bitch? Not quite, she objects to bitch so I have to be creative, but that story isn’t fit for print. 😉

    I’m easy as far as nicknames go: Thor the Mighty Girthasaurus works just fine.

  3. Hey Shelley Babe Shelley Babe!

  4. kateginnivan says:

    I had a bloke call me ‘Bubbles’ repeatedly. No. Just…no.

  5. Hahaha!!Really nice 😀

  6. LOL!

    Thank you for letting me find you!!

  7. Chloe Binley says:

    I only ever say ‘babe’ if i’m trying to be funny…

  8. It’s confirmed. Sarcastic Shelley is my spirit animal.

  9. nyelome says:

    My interaction with women has left a bad taste in my mouth. I realize there are a great many ladies out there, but arguably today there are more of the opposite. Since i’m not a proponent of gender extremes I treat people very even handedly. ( This usually gets me in more trouble than if I just opted to go the “babe” route. ) I’ll open doors for women – and men; call them by their name – or if I don’t know, i’ll inquire.

    Equality is about treating people the same way, not a different way. Be it politely or brusquely. The part where many women get confused is when I treat them LIKE men. If I think a guy has a bad idea i’ll call him an idiot, if a woman has a bad idea? I’ll call her an idiot.

    The irony is the woman most always gets pissed off because they i’m picking on them when i’m just giving them the equality they wanted and been champing at the bit for.

    Maybe it’s because most women have a very contrived notion of equality ( like most men ) insomuch that it’s not equality at all. It DOES seem that women as a whole want particular parts of men and expect men to change everything else.

    That’s not equality.

  10. nyelome says:

    because they think* typing sucks in absence of caffeine.

  11. trainrides says:

    I’ve always felt that when someone calls me babe it’s because of the excess 20 pounds I have. (PS. I nominated you on

  12. […] read a rather funny cartoon in which a cartoon woman states sarcastically that she always loves it when a guy calls her babe before be knows her […]


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