The next big romantic comedy…

The next big romantic comedy...

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8 thoughts on “The next big romantic comedy…

  1. Very nice! Could also be the name of a cooking show, just saying!

  2. gingermermaid says:

    I didn’t think I would ever cry as much as I did in the first rendition of this movie, but “A Wok to Remember” is sure to purge my tear ducts of all moisture.

  3. R. Lynn says:

    I like this, very cute. I will be doing something similar, not quite like yours though, that’s I’m presenting next week. Thanks also for following:-)

  4. jimmydevious says:

    haha cute. 🙂

    And hey, maybe Mandy could use the idea….’cus seriously has anybody heard of any really big hits she’s been in lately? 😉

  5. 14amanda says:

    haha.. mandy moore’s real name is amanda too… and that’s a nice dream sequel to her movie .. your graphics are funny… thanks for following.. 😀

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