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23 thoughts on “Hah!

  1. Nanny_cool says:

    I do not mind where they read them lol x

  2. greenembers says:

    Yup, you caught me, lol.

  3. witzshared says:

    What? Who said that? Me? Never do that? Give my all to the company……..o.k. but it’s just the good blogs……and porn.

  4. Guilty as charged !!!

  5. Student, so still living in glorious freedom until next year, when I have to enter the big wide world of 9-5.

  6. The Cutter says:

    What else would I do at the office?

  7. apocalypsepoet says:

    In class now

  8. grbxxenormyn says:

    But, but.. reading blogs is part of my work. 😀

  9. Crazy Goblin says:

    Caught me 😉

  10. At work as we speak!! 😛 My excuse is i actually have nothing better to do, and my boss doesn’t care!

  11. Eddy Winko says:

    The truth is out there

  12. edithajemmet says:

    I’m a scoudrel, I read them during university lectures… XD

  13. I remember work. Vaguely.

  14. Shifa Naseer says:

    hahahahhahaha … still a student here. free of guilt 😛

  15. Shifa Naseer says:

    Reblogged this on Shifa Naseer and commented:
    hahaha … i like that

  16. “Work!” – Maynard G. Krebbs

  17. mothergrogan says:

    Yes I am. Even now 😉

  18. jennifer014 says:

    lol, me on my lunch break today… thanks for following my blog!

  19. paulbrodie says:

    Jokes on you! I’ve been unemployed and unable to get a job for months! …wait a minute…

  20. My human is “retired,” but she ought to be cleaning the toilets, or making dinner, or ironing, or something other than this blog thing. Then again, she’s happy, so . . .

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