All butts were created equal inside skin-tight clothing

All butts were created equal inside skin-tight clothing

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14 thoughts on “All butts were created equal inside skin-tight clothing

  1. LOL i complain about leggings alot. I work in retail, in a mall. So i see all types of fashion choices. My pet peeve is leggings. Leggings for fashion wearing( not dancing or working out) were initially started with the purpose of wearing them paired with a tunic or peasant like, long, free flowing, baggy shirts. THAT look I like. It’s pretty and classy. But, everyday i see girls wearing leggings so tight I can read the print on their underwear. Not classy. Not sexy.

  2. commentstyle says:

    thank you for being my first subscriber! your blog is great, very unique. love.

  3. lol ! so funny ! i think every girl talks about another girl in leggings, especially when they dont compliment your body shape ! lol btw.. i love your post 🙂

  4. mzklever says:

    I agree that leggings look trashy when worn exposed (as opposed to under a tunic), but us women have enough issues with men calling us sluts. Do we need to denigrate each other?

  5. Mike says:

    I’m with ‘Corner of Confessions ‘ – it can be really classy with any type of longer outerwear but oh my god…

  6. Lukraakvars says:

    I wear leggings, but as corner of Confessions said, I wear it with a longer top, something that covers the bits.

    Thanks for the follow.

  7. Okay, I need an explanation here: what’s the red, circular thing?

  8. beetleypete says:

    Me too James. Is the logo on the pocket relevant? Am I missing something, or just delving too deep?

  9. mboke says:

    Saw a girl with no pant until I walked near behind her. She wore skin-colored legging. Gosh I thought she was a brave girl going outside and showed some flesh in the summer time

  10. manychacha says:

    AH HA! This made me laugh. Can you actually see me? I received some (brand name; the red circle thing is a logo folks) yoga pants, basically leggings they’re so tight, for my birthday and I wore them a few times with trainers and walked a bit faster, with purpose. Then without the trainers… then without the purpose… It’s a slow transition. They’re comfortable I’m telling you!

  11. haha, I think you’re the first person to get the sarcasm!! Thank you! 🙂

  12. Thanks for checkng out my blog 🙂 YOU make me laugh!!! Thank you :))

  13. TheImaginator says:

    Hah – brand – Lol. 😀

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