Thoughts on my attitude toward my smoke detector

Thoughts on my attitude toward my smoke detector

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31 thoughts on “Thoughts on my attitude toward my smoke detector

  1. Nanny_cool says:

    They can be so annoying but save so many lives x

  2. witzshared says:

    Move the detector from over the stove and down the hallway. Change the batteries every six months to avoid those little chirps in the middle of the night.

  3. Love this!!! I’ve even had the fire department show up.

  4. E. says:

    Hahaha, this is exactly how I feel! My smoke detector is the most sensitive thing I’ve ever seen – it goes off any time I have my oven higher than 400 degrees, even though NOTHING is burning.

  5. godtisx says:

    Hahahahaha. Hilarious. Wow.. haha. Yes. Keep that thing up!!

  6. Thanks for following my blog!! I really appreciate it!! I enjoyed looking around on your site as well!

  7. Phil Martin says:

    That’s almost how my family feels about the smoke detector whenever one of us burns toast.

  8. bgddyjim says:

    Aaaaahahahahaha!!! YES! Fortunately we’ve got one that if you hit the button once, it shuts the sensor down for several minutes – so it only goes off once.

  9. Is that where that obnoxious, loud beeping is coming from every time I make toast?

  10. Natasha Show says:

    This used to be me!

  11. Jamie says:

    I did that, sans the whole dying thing 😉

  12. aprilmarie08 says:

    Where I live in someone’s back house the builder never had a smoke detector put in or the previous resident smoked and got sick of it going off lol cute picture by the way

  13. beetleypete says:

    I have just spent the whole week on a course, to be a Volunteer Community Fire Safety Officer in Norfolk. This involves checking smoke alarms, and installing them, for elderly, and vulnerable people in the countryside. Your cartoon could not have been more appropriate! regards, Pete, England.

  14. Hah! That used to be me, until I lost the rag and whacked it off the ceiling. Do hope the secondary cartoon isn’t going to be applicable any time soon!

  15. VictoriaJoDean says:

    represents my “stick-my-head-in-the-sand philosophy exactly!

  16. Lauren says:



  17. Love it! In my tiny place the smoke detector is mounted almost directly across from the stove. It’s a rental, so I can’t move it and I haven’t taken the batteries out for the very reason you illustrate! Freaks the dog out every time.

  18. isowhey ian says:

    This is sooo true – we do need them – but they can be REALLY annoying as well!

  19. The problem isn’t the detector itself, it’s the placement! Who puts a detector right near a stove or oven? I have one right over my oven and it goes off every time I open it!

  20. Lori D says:

    I read through some of these cartoons and they made me giggle. Thanks for coming over and liking my post. It gave me a chance to have a smile by coming over to yours. These are great.

  21. mine goes off every time the oven is on. I don’t know why. It’s super annoying and I took it down but now I am reconsidering my decision lol

  22. Kristina says:

    Story of my life. I can’t even bake cookies without that thing wailing at me.

  23. Very true!! I have mine loose so I can stick it in a shoe when I cook… not a super awesome solution, but I’ve managed to establish that it works (it went off a couple of times when not in the shoe).

  24. The Grumpy Olive says:

    I feel you. I hate my smoke detector cos everytime I cook it starts. It can feel I am cooking. I think is sort of possessed by either someone or something. This made me laugh so bad anyway, I love it! ahahah 🙂

    The Grumpy Olive

  25. I love this – I can so relate!

  26. lostinmist says:

    no not a bit. you either have a defective smoke detector (too sensitive) or you got the bacon way too hot. also cigarette smoke doesn’t set them off (although other smokables do sometimes). has to do with particle size or light impedance or something. most common cause of fire according to They is people putting bacon on the stove and passing out from booze. the rest of you must have very dirty ovens (or defective detectors). 😉

  27. Dr. Smiter says:

    OK, that was my first LOL of the day. I effing hate my smoke detector too (really, MUST it freak out when I’m only heating up the oven? MUST? IT??) and would like to smash it with a bat. Although I suspect you & I would end up buried side by side…. Matching tombstones, perchance? 😀

  28. charlypriest says:

    Go fry the pan outside for crying out loud.

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