The perfect answer to all cosmetic problems!

The perfect answer to all cosmetic problems!

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20 thoughts on “The perfect answer to all cosmetic problems!

  1. st sahm says:

    Ha ha ha!! Layers and layers create a very natural look.

  2. canadianity says:

    This is so true. If you listen to cosmetic ads, they say “… for healthy looking skin…” . They can never claim “Health Skin”, only “healthy looking skin”. It is silly. Makeup ruins skin. It is very unhealthy.

  3. Miss Lydia says:

    It’s a like a public service announcement brought to you by the women of Los Angeles.

  4. Beth says:

    Fresh and Healthy according to who, I always wonder. My husband says: “why do you put that S***on your face?

  5. lucebuona says:

    Oh! The ugly truth about publicity!
    When are we going to learn.
    I love your comics 😉

  6. When I see make-up adverts, I think “they’re actually advertising Photoshop” because most of the plastic, mannequin-esque “beauty” they show you comes from digitally-altered photographs, not from the lotions and make-up products they advertise. With Photoshop, I could make my grandfather look like Kim Kardashian (or anyone else). This would, of course, be impossible with Maybelline products alone.

  7. pynkkashmere says:

    Ugh….story of my life!!!!

  8. museconfuse says:

    Fake it…until you make

  9. nolabels says:

    giggles to self….

  10. Lol, UNTIL….you see what I have to offer with Rodan + Fields.. It works wonders. Throw on some mascara and lip gloss and I am out the door!!!

  11. Linda Joyce says:

    Makeup so natural you can sleep in it…or so the advertising says. Then comes the disclaimer- if you sleep in it, be sure to wash your face the next morning. I’m down to eyeliner and red lipstick. That’s it.


    Linda Joyce

  12. offzwall says:

    Hahah thats funny!

    Thank you for following my blog by the way! 🙂

  13. alliebu says:

    Holly thank you for subscribing! Without you, I wouldn’t have found your amazing blog. I love it, the posts are too real and hilarious. I just spent almost an hour going through them. Amazing.

  14. forestmtnhike says:

    Ha Ha Ha isn’t that so true!

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