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8 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. lol the red one’s expression mde me laugh!! i have a friend who is just like tht!!

  2. are you channeling my daughter?? lol

  3. I’ve always considered any take-out within a three block radius of my apartment home cooking.

  4. mboke says:

    “Do you cook?!” Well, yes, I cook for myself. What question is that?

  5. hahaha! your comics are always so fun to read! 😀

  6. nolabels says:

    I know someone just like that in the red….had a few roommates like that. As for me, I do enjoy cooking a good meal.

  7. B Gourley says:

    First, we get away from producing our own food. Second, we get away from preparing our own food. Next? Robotic chewing machines that feed us in the manner of momma birds can only be in our future.

  8. If only people knew what cooking for yourself can do!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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