The Adventures of Paranoid Patty, Episode 3

The Adventures of Paranoid Patty, Episode 3

Apparently the method back in the day went like this:
Q: How do you cure an anorexic?
A: Force her to over-eat

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6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Paranoid Patty, Episode 3

  1. vocalizard says:

    Yeah, because THAT’S helpful.

    I was at a party once with some family friends, when I was in my early twenties or late teens. My mother was there. In this scene, I didn’t have a plate of good in front of me, unlike everyone else, as I’d eaten prior to coming to the party.

    Party-goer: “Liz, why aren’t you eating?”

    Me: “I’m not hungry.”

    PG #2: (Jokingly) “Are you anorexic?”

    Me: “… Yeah, that’s it.”

    Mom: “But you hide it so well!”

    … Yeah, um, thanks, Mom. Love you, too. Yes, I’m a big girl, but that… still hurt.

  2. Same fat guy, new reader.
    I remember about ten years ago I couldn’t keep anything down whatsoever. No matter What I ate, I would within ten minutes of eating run to the bathroom and dispose of it into the throne. I just couldn’t control it, but the weirdest thing is I kept gaining weight.

    To this day no matter what I eat, I still feel like I need to purge it but I have to consciously keep it down. Not sure what that is all about but if that is even a smidgen of what it is like to have that disease then I will say a prayer for anyone stricken with it.

    By the way… Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am looking forward to viewing your past posts. I think I just might know patty, or at least had dinner with her once.

  3. Why do people have to comment about someone’s weight or the way they look? I never do get that. I have friends who snacth food from my plate if they think i’m over eating :(. Thanks for following my blog. Enjoying your comics 🙂

  4. COSA says:

    Thanks for stopping by our blog here at COSA! Best of luck and thanks for reading.

  5. Kavi says:

    Ahaha! That’s really funny!

  6. julesagray says:

    I was bulimic back in the day, and the ‘cure’ for broads like us who liked to ‘refund’ was “Well, just stop refunding” and i was all like, “well it ain’t that easy.’ And they were like “well, yeah it is.” So i went and barfed again.

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