Clearly you’ve never worked in a kitchen

Clearly you've never worked in a kitchen

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14 thoughts on “Clearly you’ve never worked in a kitchen

  1. freepussyriot says:

    Oh yeah! I know all about this, ex hospo worker.

  2. Rebecca H says:

    i totally understand where you are coming from with this, having been a waitress myself! what a lovely blog you have here, brilliant drawings and wit!

  3. lafemmet says:

    You must work in a restaurant! SO true!! Love your humor!!

  4. Josh says:

    It’s like you’ve been stalking me at every server job I’ve ever had.

  5. paulbrodie says:

    Your picture is easily worth 1,000 words on human behavior from any intro psych text book. This is a great cartoon.

  6. Ha! That is painfully true. Only someone who’s worked in a restaurant will really understand this one! Good luck!

  7. haha I actually stopped and laughed at this. Perfect late night humor.

  8. Yeliz Selvi says:


  9. Janet Rörschåch says:

    SPOT ON. In the States there would be an added, “And write a snarky note on the credit card receipt how the waiter didn’t deserve a tip.” Thank you for the laugh and following my blog.

  10. I’m sold! This is the one that has me hooked (I’m a cook while I write). Thank you.

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