Bus etiquette, chapter 1





39 thoughts on “Bus etiquette, chapter 1

  1. I don’t want to comment, but i will, because i like all your hair. Actually i like it all. I laughed.

  2. stormyslayersharon says:

    I laughed but let’s face it…. so TRUE! …lol

  3. canadianity says:

    Too true! I’m a daily frustrated commuter.

  4. Yes! Also, the person who won’t stop talking to people(usually you) even if you express no interest, are talking to someone else, or have headphones in. 😡

  5. simpleton12 says:

    Don’t forget eating on the bus, particularly hot food.

  6. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Your support is very much appreciated. Your cartoons are great! Funny and based on truth. Funny BECAUSE they’re based on truth. Keep it up.

  7. brainreel says:

    And the people who will not let me sit down even when I show them my Honored Citizen’s badge because I look healthy and non-disabled on the outside. Oh sigh.

    • Tori says:

      And the bus driver who starts moving again before I can either sit down or lean up against something supportive.

      • bloodfreak says:

        Yes, the one who slams on the brakes and then slams on the gas! He also manages to find every pothole. When I get that bus driver, I like to pretend I’m on a safari adventure! You just need to tape some paper giraffes and lions and gazelles to the windows and you totally get in the mood.

  8. Have you ever ridden the New York subway at rush hour? That’s a dick orgy.

  9. dogbronte says:

    Then there’s the old lady smothered in lavender.

  10. arleneyolles says:

    And how about the obviously healthy young people sitting in the handicapped seats? Or sitting while a pregnant lady tries to balance herself holding on to a post?

  11. Snapfairy says:

    I have been inside a crowded bus and seen several men sitting…while women stand right in front of them. There are some gentlemen out there, but NOT always!

  12. irishroverpei says:

    Gone are the days of good manners, many a man will say, yeah well women wanted to be equal. I don’t agree with that, women should be equal but that is no excuse of men to be rude and lack manners. Thanks for following my blog

  13. Can’t we all just get along!!!
    Oh! And thanks for following my blog.

  14. So glad you see the humor in life’s frustrating episodes. Now I think it would be funny, stuck in such a precarious commuting position, to take advantage of a quick stop or lurch to “fall” into one of those dicks’ laps! Not that they’d get the message, but it would make me feel so much better! And that’s why I’m not a cartoonist–because I act on my frustrations! Or I just fantasize about them to myself . . . 🙂

  15. sarahinguangzhou says:

    The worse ones are the ones who pretend to play with their phones so that they won’t have to look up and acknowledge the old/pregnant/disabled person they should give heir seat to.

  16. neelkanth says:

    Well expressed.
    Thanks for your ‘Like’ and following my blog. I too have liked yours and am following it with immediate effect. Wish you all the best.

  17. Thank goodness I don’t commute anymore. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Dianne

  18. You are a riot! Glad I found you.

  19. I was a bus driver for 3 years back in the 80s, and am older now and riding buses. Really enjoyed this.

  20. joe juliano says:

    I dig this site, it’s not heavy, it’s real fun, fun is good, fun is needed, specially by old farts like me who take themselves WAY to serious. I don’t ride the bus. In fact, I wouldn’t know where a bus stops out here in my burn. I see busses, but I don’t see a lot of people in them, they are electric, and they are way to big since there are very few people riding on them. So, in the interest of ‘people moving’ the minnesota govt has decided to build a billion dollar Fast Rail System that goes……..where!?
    Really, show me a bus, I wanna ride.

    nice site, fun, I’m repeating my self. think i’ll nap.

  21. fionaward says:

    Oh god yes. Everyone is a dick.

  22. tarcian says:

    Haha Lovely illustrations, I would have to make a post on my blog about etiquette and link it to yours.

  23. You must ride the bus I take. I know ALL those people.

  24. biglove77 says:

    Hi, thanks for following my blog, and I like the sentiment on this. Unless people sometimes just forget where they are and shut off to those around them! Often these guys are having a bad day.

  25. Me: Um, excuse me. May I sit there, please? **gestures towards small bag that apparently paid a fare for that seat**

    Owner: **DEEP SIGH** **moves bag** **spends rest of the ride in a stony silence next to me**

  26. lynnmorstead says:

    Laughed out loud. Extra points for that!

  27. Jim Aldrich says:

    Hilarious. Thanks for the follow! Jim Aldrich, The RunningFather blog

  28. justzenning says:

    Also..people not giving up seats to old people or obviously pregnant women..bad!

  29. wisperin9shad0s says:

    so true, so true. Explains why the bus drivers are so angry all the time

  30. yogi126 says:

    I was just discussing this issue with a friend the other day. So true… Such dicks….

  31. Colleen says:

    Hi. Great to have you on board. Thank you for following my blog. It is always a surprise to find someone interested in what I write. I like your bus etiquette. Will send you our experience here in Johannesburg, South Africa, of the Metro bus service. But, alas! without drawings. regards, Colleen

  32. mommytransformations says:

    Thanks for following my blog and thanks for making me laugh today! I needed it!

  33. The seats at the back are reserved for important people, probably.

  34. Kenny says:

    I love it. Hilarious.

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